Open Positions

Laboratory Technician

Start date: Available now; open until filled

Position Summary:  We are seeking a highly motivated applicant to join our team as a full-time research technician. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing daily laboratory activities, including maintaining the animal colony, ordering supplies, preparing common use solutions, and overseeing lab safety compliance. In addition, the hired applicant will support ongoing projects in the lab by training and testing Mongolian gerbils on auditory detection and discrimination tasks, assisting with or performing survival surgeries, performing perfusions, and processing and imaging histological tissue.  The candidate will have the opportunity to gain experience with a number of techniques, including in vivo electrophysiology, pharmacology, fiber photometry, operant conditioning, chemogenetics, and/or optogenetics. This position is an ideal fit for an individual looking to gain independent research experience before applying to graduate or medical school. This a one-year position, with the option to renew for a second year.


Educational Requirements:  Applicants should possess a B.S. or B.A. in Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology, Pharmacology,  Engineering, or a related field. All interested candidates should be highly organized, detail oriented, possess excellent communication skills, enjoy working in a team environment, and be comfortable handling and caring for small animals. 


Qualifications and experience:  Preference will be given to applicants with experience in any of the following areas: animal behavior, computer programming (particularly MATLAB), histology, electrophysiology, or engineering. 

To apply: Interested applicants should submit a CV and the names and contact info for at least 2 references by clicking here.

Graduate students

We are always interested in hearing from enthusiastic students looking to join the lab. Eligible students should be a member of the Biological Sciences Graduate Program or the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science the University of Maryland. Interested students should submit a brief description of research interests by clicking here.

Postdoctoral Position

Start date:  Available now; open until filled

Position summary:   We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to study neuromodulatory mechanisms supporting auditory perceptual learning in Mongolian gerbils. The successful applicant will measure and manipulate neuromodulatory release, and assess its impact on cortical activity in freely-moving animals engaged in auditory detection tasks. A variety of techniques will be used, including in vivo multichannel electrophysiology and pharmacology, fiber photometry, novel genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensors, chemogenetics and/or optogenetics. The candidate will be highly involved in all aspects of the research, from design to publication, and will additionally have the opportunity to mentor graduate and undergraduate students.


Educational requirements:  Applicants should possess a PhD in Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology, Pharmacology,  Engineering, or a related field.


Qualifications and experience: All interested candidates should  have extensive experience with in vivo physiology or imaging, and be comfortable programming. Experience with operant conditioning is a plus, but not required. In addition, all successful applicants will have strong laboratory, communication, and analytical skills.

To apply: Interested applicants should submit a CV, a brief description of research interests, and the names and contact info for at least 2 references by clicking here.